Breanne Lafleur: The Beautiful and Amazing Wife of Matt Lafleur

Breanne Lafleur: The Beautiful and Amazing Wife of Matt Lafleur

Breanne Lafleur, who is now widely recognized as the wife of Matt LaFleur, the current head coach of the Green Bay Packers. This article is going to explore the life of Breanne Lafleur, where you will get to know her past, background, and her family and so on.

Background and Education

Breanne Lafleur was born on July 02, 1983 in Michigan U.S. to Maak Wener and Jane Marie Maak. She went to Marcellus High School and a little later she got a degree in physical therapy in Central Michigan.


She and her husband Matt Lafleur met back in 2004 when they were both students at Central Michigan. They eventually got married and have 2 kids, a boy named Luke and a girl named Ty. Luke was born in June and Ty, in August 2011 and 2013 respectively.


Breanne Lafleur graduated with a degree and worked for a pharmaceutical firm in Ohio before. Yet, she left the job and later followed her husband when he got a coaching job at Northern Michigan.

Her Husband, Matt Lafleur

Originally from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, LaFleur served as a quarterback for Central Michigan University. However, being in the background during his playing career enabled him to absorb a deep understanding of the game that will undoubtedly have a very good effect on his future activities. His father, Gary LaFleur, has coached college football for about ten years, including a stint at Central Michigan where he played. Without a doubt, that laid the foundation for Matt’s good work ethic and love for the sport.

Following his playing career LaFleur started his coaching career. He began as a graduate assistant at Central Michigan and then landed his first full-time job as quarterbacks coach for the Division I Saginaw Valley State University the year of 2003. Subsequently, he moved around a few coaching teams like Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons before finding his dream job in Atlanta.

In 2017, LaFleur teamed up with Sean McVay again to become the offensive coordinator of the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams’ offence, led by Jared Goff, proved to be one of the most exciting offences in the League. This show of brilliance was not missed by the Green Bay Packers who had separated from head coach Mike McCarthy.

In 2019 Matt LaFleur became the 15th head coach of the Green Bay Packers. He contributed his scoring abilities and positive energy, which the team desperately needed, like they needed the fresh air. The first result was very promising. Packers Green Bay, the team that finished 13-3 in its first season under new head coach Matt LaFleur, took the NFC North crown and became the number one seed in the conference playoffs.

Regardless of the requirements of his job, LaFleur still puts family time as his number one priority. He is married to BreAnne LaFleur and they have two little kids. Although specifics about his private life are mostly kept secret, it can definitely be said that family is the main source of his strength and the only area for relaxation in the otherwise very demanding environment of NFL coaching.