Chelsey Bakula

Chelsey Bakula

Chelsey Bakula is an American actress who is better recognized for being the daughter of legendary actor, Scott Bakula. Chelsey Bakula has followed the footprints of her father and pursued a career in the entertainment industry. Here, let us tell you how life has been for her and what are her personal as well as professional life details.

Bio of Chelsey Bakula

Chelsey Bakula is the 40-year-old daughter of Scott Bakula and Krista Neumann. If you talk about the love life of Chelsey Bakula, the lady has not opened her lips regarding this matter. With the fact that she is already 40 years old, we believe that she must have someone in her life or she has even gotten married if she has met her dream man.

Wiki of Chelsey Bakula

Apart from the American nationality, nothing is available about the basic information of Chelsey Bakula including her ethnicity, religious beliefs, political interest, social presence, and other such details that can be revealed only by Chelsey Bakula. If we talk about the birth year of Chelsey Bakula, it is 1984.

Parents and siblings

Chelsey Bakula is one of two kids of Scott Bakula and Krista Neumann, who remained married from 1981 to 1995 after having two kids. The name of the younger brother of Chelsey Bakula is Cody Bakula, who is 33 years old right now. Speaking of the profession of her parents, both are famous actors and active in the entertainment industry.

Physical appearance

Chelsey Bakula

With the fact that Chelsey Bakula is an actress, you can assume how beautiful she looks. Yes, the lady is gorgeous with a slim and tall personality and her complexion is fair. The most attractive facial feature of Chelsey Bakula is her smile which is truly irresistible.

Early life and education

Although Chelsey Bakula has not made anything public about her childhood and educational details, we are pretty sure that life must have been easy for her in her early days because both of her parents are successful actors.

Career and Future Plans

You already know that Chelsey Bakula is an actress by profession. Although she could not gain the giant level of success like her parents she still managed to accomplish significant success in her life. As for the future plans of Chelsey Bakula, she hasn’t talked about that.

Hobbies and favorite things

Despite the fact that Chelsey Bakula is an actress and regularly talks about her life matters in public, she never bothered to discuss anything about her hobbies and favorite things. Given this fact, you’re unlikely to get any confirmed confirmation regarding this.

Net worth

Although Chelsey Bakula is an actress and the majority of her life details are known to the public she has not revealed anything about earnings and net worth. Given this fact, we couldn’t find anything about her net worth.


Chelsey Bakula is just 40 years old today. We hope she will also achieve success like her parents one day in her professional career and set her own legacy.