Clay Hillenburg

Clay Hillenburg

Clay Hillenburg is professionally successful but is popular among people mainly because of his father, Stephen Hillenburg, who was a famous American animator, producer, and director. Today, the father of Clay Hillenburg is no more but his legacy is definitely alive and this is what makes Clay Hillenburg popular. Here, let us put all the life details of Clay Hillenburg together.

Bio of Clay Hillenburg

Clay Hillenburg is 26-year-old son of Stephen Hillenburg and Karen Hillenburg. As for the love life of Clay Hillenburg, he has not made any details public regarding the same. However, considering the age of Clay Hillenburg, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he must be dating someone, maybe privately.

Wiki of Clay Hillenburg

Clay Hillenburg was born on 8 April 1998 and holds American nationality. His other basic details such as his ethnicity, religion, personal interest, hobbies, social presence, and other such details are yet to come out because Clay Hillenburg has never spoken about them.

Parents and siblings

Clay Hillenburg is the only child of his parents, Stephen Hillenburg and Karen Hillenburg, who married the same year Clay Hillenburg was born. Their marriage lasted from 1998 till the death of Clay Hillenburg’s father in 2018.

If you talk about their professions, the father of Clay Hillenburg was an animator, author, director, and producer, while his mother used to work as a teacher. With the fact that Clay Hillenburg is the only child of his parents, he obviously does not have any siblings.

Physical appearance

Saying anything about the physical appearance of Clay Hillenburg, it is not really possible because he is not a public figure and does not make public appearances either. We believe that if Clay Hillenburg had inherited the looks from his parents, he would definitely be a dashing man.

Early life and education

With the fact that Clay Hillenburg is the son of celebrity parents, it won’t be wrong to say that he must have had a wonderful childhood and would be blessed with a top-class education as well. According to some reports, Clay Hillenburg was graduated from Polytechnic High School in 2017

Career and Future Plans

Clay Hillenburg is a successful man in his profession and works as a creative director on the Nickelodeon show The Red Fox. Though he is active in the entertainment industry, he has not made many details public about his career and future plans.

Hobbies and favorite things

It is hard to believe that Clay Hillenburg won’t be having any hobbies. We are pretty sure he must have kept everything under wraps. He must have his own leisure activities which he loves to do.

Net worth

No doubt Clay Hillenburg is a professionally successful personality and must have gained a huge amount of net worth. However, the exact numbers of his net worth are unknown because he himself has not made these details public.


Clay Hillenburg is the son of such a popular celebrity. The stardom of his father has definitely helped him to make his way a little more easily in the industry.