Grtis Ivey

Grtis Ivey

Grtis Ivey is a celebrity child who managed to get the attention of people right from his birth because of his father, Coolio, who was a famous rapper. However, there is another reason that makes Grtis Ivey grab the news headlines and it is his legal travels. Yes, Grtis Ivey has been in legal trouble a couple of times in the past and this has definitely made him land on the news.

Today, let us reveal all the life details of Grtis Ivey if you are already curious.

Bio of Grtis Ivey

Apart from the name of his father, hardly any information is available about the biography of Grtis Ivey. From his age to the name of his mother and his personal life details, not at all anything is known to the public because Grtis Ivey leads a secretive life.

Wiki of Grtis Ivey

Here again, you will be disappointed if you are expecting all the details. Besides the American nationality of Grtis Ivey, everything remains about the basic information of Grtis Ivey such as his religion, ethnicity, spirituality, political news, social presence, and other such details.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that not much information is available about the family background of Grtis Ivey.  The only available information is the name of his father, Coolio, who was a famous rapper and chef. As for the siblings of Grtis Ivey, it is not confirmed whether or not Grtis Ivey has any siblings but he has a bunch of step-siblings from his father who had relationships with a number of ladies.

Physical appearance

Grtis Ivey is a man with a dashing personality. He has short black hair. His eyes are big and expressive and his smile is charming. It won’t be wrong to say that Grtis Ivey has a rough and tough personality.

Early life and education

Despite the fact that Grtis Ivey is a celebrity child, no information is available about his early life and education. However, we do believe that Grtis Ivey has not gained a top-class education in his life because he was sentenced to prison in 2012 for a robbery and attempted kidnapping. Given the fact, If Grtis Ivey was a well-educated person, he definitely would not have been involved in such activities.

Career and future plans

This is again something about Grtis Ivey that is a total mystery to the public. Grtis Ivey is a young man today and would have definitely started his professional career as well but he hasn’t shared any details regarding the same.

Hobbies and favorite things

We are unable to find significant information about Grtis Ivey so we will be able to get details about his personal life like his hobbies and favorite things. Yes, nothing is available about the hobbies and favorite things of Grtis Ivey.

Net worth

Summing up the earnings and net worth of Grtis Ivey would have been possible only if Grtis Ivey had revealed information about his profession. Since he has maintained an utter silence regarding this, his Grtis Ivey can’t be estimated.


Grtis Ivey is the son of such a famous rapper. He could have used this privilege in a positive way but he took the wrong path and got involved in illegal activities.