Ingrid Harbaugh

Ingrid Harbaugh

Ingrid Harbaugh is a celebrity spouse who is enjoying the stardom of her husband, John Harbaugh, a famous American football coach. Ingrid Harbaugh is living a happy married life right now with her husband and kids. Today, we are going to discuss the life details of Ingrid Harbaugh. So, if you are interested in learning them, get into the article.

Bio of Ingrid Harbaugh

Ingrid Harbaugh is a 57-year-old celebrity spouse. With the fact that she herself is not a celebrity, not any information is available about her family and parents. So, moving on directly to the personal life of Ingrid Harbaugh, she is a happily married woman right now and the name of her husband is John Harbaugh, who is a famous American football coach. The couple got married in 1991 and has been enjoying marital bliss since then.

Wiki of Ingrid Harbaugh

Other than the American nationality of Ingrid Harbaugh, not even a bit of information is available about her ethnicity, religious belief, spirituality, personal interest, social presence, hobbies, and many other such details. As for her birth details, she was born in 1967.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family background of Ingrid Harbaugh is a complete secret. So, nothing can be said about her parents as well as her siblings. Not just their names but nothing is available about their professional careers either.

Physical appearance

Ingrid Harbaugh is a beautiful lady with a slim personality and tall height. She is 57 years old right now but she has maintained herself so well that she looks around 40. All thanks to her fashion choices and fit physique.

Early life and education

You are unlikely to get anything about the early life and education of Ingrid Harbaugh because she herself has not revealed any information regarding these topics. So, how would we be able to find any confirmed information about them?

Career and future plans

Here again, Ingrid Harbaugh has not revealed any confirmed information. Given this fact, we are not sure whether or not Ingrid Harbaugh is a working lady. Not only her career details but Ingrid Harbaugh has also never bothered to discuss any details publicly about her future plans.

Hobbies and favorite things

Ingrid Harbaugh

Finding the information about the personal details of Ingrid Harbaugh is not possible because she has kept her personal life details to herself only. This is why nothing is available about the hobbies of Ingrid Harbaugh.

Net worth

The net worth of Ingrid Harbaugh can be summed up only if there is any information available about her profession. Since we are not sure whether Ingrid Harbaugh is even a working lady, how can we say anything about her net worth? As for the net worth of her celebrity husband, John Harbaugh, he is estimated to have around $40 million.


Ingrid Harbaugh has given her everything to her family. She is a dedicated woman who can happily sacrifice anything to care for her family. The lady is definitely a role model for the young generation.