Lisa Techel: Story of The Pregnant Woman Murdered by Her Husband

Lisa Techel: Story of The Pregnant Woman Murdered by Her Husband

Lisa was a 23-year-old pregnant woman who was murdered by her husband, Seth Techel. This article will cover everything you need to know about her, her husband, and her murder.


Lisa was born on 7 May 1989, in Ottumwa, Iowa, United States, to Todd Caldwell and Tracy Caldwell. She had five siblings; Mariah Hoium, Presley Caldwell, Josey Caldwell, Blaine Caldwell, and Jewel Caldwell. Her father worked as a sheriff’s deputy at Wapello County.

She got married to Seth Techel on October 15, 2011. After getting married, she and her husband lived together in their home (a trailer on a beautiful piece of land) in Agency, Iowa.


Lisa started out with a promising career in law enforcement. Initially, she started as a reserve deputy and then later worked as a jailer at the Washington County Jail.

Her Husband, Seth Techel

Seth Techel is a native of Iowa and he grew up in Ottumwa. The names of his parents are Lorraine Uehling-Techel and Doug Techel. He has a mentally challenged sister, Danielle Techel. Throughout high school, Seth worked in his parent’s billing alley business. Unfortunately, in the early hours of May 23, 2012, Seth murdered his wife, Lisa.

Lisa Techel’s Murder and Seth’s Trial

The Lisa Techel murder case was an infamous one that shocked the town of Iowa. The body of Lisa, a young woman who wanted to follow in her dad’s job as a cop, was discovered on the floor of her mobile home. Her husband Mr. Seth Techel initially painted a picture of idyllic ignorance by saying that he had found her lifeless after a gunshot. However, after further enquiry was carried out, it became clear he was not telling the truth.

The deeper the inquiry got, the more unbelievable Seth’s story. On the other hand, the evidence was strongly against him as there was proof he was cheating on his wife with a colleague. He had pledged to her a future with him – a future in which there would not be Lisa anymore. This discovery completely fills the gap without any doubts about his involvement in her death.

The trial that followed would have made the life of Lisa’s family quite grey and long as the process was really mind-numbing and bottomless. Such a trial would have meant that they would need to think back at the time she died and face the person who caused the impossible loss they couldn’t comprehend. However justice eventually prevailed, and Seth was sentenced to life imprisonment as the one who killed Lisa. Even though the sentence of life imprisonment seemed little in comparison to the emptiness which has already settled in the hearts of Lisa’s family members, it served as a deterrent and he was no longer able to cause harm to anyone else.

The Lisa Techel case epitomized domestic violence. It shows that abuse occurs not only in dysfunctional families but also, surprisingly, in families that are considered to be happy and normal.