Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle

Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle

Being a celebrity child and getting the attention of the public is not a big deal and the same goes for Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle as well. He is the son of the American famous TV personality, Nicole Polizzi. Today, Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle attracted our attention as well and we decided to talk about his life details. So if you are already curious to learn more about him, read the articles further.

Bio of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle

Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle is a 12-year-old son of Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle. Considering the age of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle, we don’t think there is any point in talking about his love life. He is just a young teenager right now and we believe he would not be having any romantic relationship at the moment.

Wiki of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle

Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle was born on 26 August 2012 in the USA and is American by nationality. Other than that, don’t expect to get any other information about the basic details of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle like his ethnicity, hobbies, personal interests, religious beliefs, and other such details.

Parents and siblings

Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle

Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle is the oldest of three children of his parents, Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle, who had Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle a few months after their engagement. 2 years later, his parents got married and had two more kids. The names of the younger brothers of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle are Giovanna Marie LaValle and Angelo.

As for the professions of his parents, you already know that the mother of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle is a renowned TV personality while his father is also active in the same industry.

Physical appearance

 We would have been able to say anything about the physical appearance of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle if we could catch sight of him. Since he is never spotted with his mother in public, nothing can be said about his physical appearance.

Early life and education

No doubt Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle has been blessed with a privileged childhood filled with awesomeness and luxuries because he is the son of celebrity parents. If we talk about the education of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle, he would be a school-going kid right now, as he is a young teenager.

Career and Future Plans

Obviously, Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle is not at the age to have a profession or decide his future plans. However, we hope that he might choose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry like his parents.

Hobbies and favorite things

The parents of Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle are not willing to share any personal details of their kids like their hobbies and favorite things. This is the reason such details about Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle never come out in public.

Net worth

Needless to mention, Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle does not have any net worth right now. At the moment, he is only enjoying the money of his parents, who have a combined net worth of around $4 million as of 2024.


At the age when Lorenzo Dominic Lavelle doesn’t even have an idea about stardom and popularity, he is getting to enjoy it. This is the privilege of being a celebrity child.