Paul Werdel: Husband of Amna Nawaz

Paul Werdel: Husband of Amna Nawaz

Paul Werdel is best known for being the husband of popular American broadcaster, Amna Nawaz. Sit back and enjoy as this article delves into the life of Paul Werdel.


Paul Werdel is a seasoned journalist born and brought up in the United States of America. Unfortunately, details of his date of birth is unavailable on the internet. He attended graduated Maryland University where he got a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 2002.


Paul started his career as a journalist in 2002 after bagging a degree in journalism. He boasts an impressive career at the New York Times.

Physical Appearance

Paul appear to be at least 6 feet tall in height. He is a bit bald headed and have an average body size.

His Wife, Amna Nawaz

Nawaz’s heritage is a manifestation of a rich cultural diversity, with many layers. While Shujah Nawaj, her father, was born and raised in Pakistan, Amna was raised in America. It was this bicultural environment that had such a profound effect on her that would later be visible in her journalistic pursuits.

Nawaz was a distinguished scholar, who was lucky enough to be admitted to the famous Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Virginia. The development of leadership was not confined only to the classroom as she led the University of Pennsylvania women’s varsity field hockey team as a captain throughout her education. On the one hand, she dreamt of becoming a lawyer in her initial professional life.

Nawaz stepped into the world of journalism through the ABC News prestigious Nightline Fellowship. This is where she learnt her craft, becoming an expert in investigative journalism, and getting thorough training in in-depth reporting. Her talent and hard work were soon discovered, and it soon boosted her to a correspondent position at ABC News.

After her fellowship at ABC News was over, the desire to resume journalism was too strong to resist. This defining moment changed the direction of her life and set her on the road of great storytelling. Nawaz’s academic credentials were enriched further by a master’s degree in comparative politics from the London School of Economics. This allowed her to cultivate a deep knowledge of international politics.

Nawaz’s next step led her to NBC News, which resulted in her successful career as a foreign correspondent. She covered events in Islamabad, Pakistan, a city that is frequently in the spotlight, and she was there in real time. Her gift for handling delicate problems and giving powerful comments were the reasons why she got applause not only from the viewers but also from other popular persons of her generation.

Nawaz’s journalism has won her several awards. Winning an Emmy award in the NBC News Special category “Inside the Obama White House” and the Society for Feature Journalism award for her devotion to feature journalism shows the height she has attained in journalism.

Furthermore, he was the first Asian American and Muslim American to plan the US presidential debate in December 2019.